Call for Symposium Proposals

Submission is now open for proposals for symposia to be presented at the SCO-SOC 2019 meeting in Québec, QC, on August 27-30, 2019. The deadline for submitting symposium proposals is January 8th, 2018. SCO-SOC 2019 Call for Papers (whether in a symposium or not) and Posters will be issued separately on February 20, 2019.

A symposium should involve several presenters, typically 4-8, organized around a topic of interest. Full day symposia can involve up to 12 presenters (20 min per presentation). Symposia may be on any topic in ornithology and the theme of the meeting is “Ornithology in the era of new technologies”. The SCO-SOC 2019 scientific program committee will strive for quality, variety, innovation, and diversity on the program; ideally, the program will reflect the full range of current work in ornithology.

Proposals must include sufficient supporting material to permit the scientific committee to evaluate the quality and interest of the symposium. Proposals for symposia should include:

1. The title of the proposed symposium;

2. The name and institutional affiliation of the chair of the symposium, with an abbreviated curriculum vitae or short biographical description (not to exceed 1 page);

3. A short descriptive summary of the proposal (100-200 words);

4. A description of the topic and a justification of its current importance in ornithology (up to 1000 words);

5. Titles and authors with institutional affiliation of all proposed papers. The chair of the symposium must have prior commitment from the authors of proposed papers to submit an abstract at the SCO-SOC 2019 meeting.

The deadline for submitting symposium proposals is December 15, 2018. A selection of symposia will be accepted for presentation at the SCO-SOC 2019 meeting. Symposium organizers will be informed of the program committee’s decision prior to December 21 2018.

The title, abstract and name of accepted symposium (but not the titles and authors of proposed papers) will be published on the website of the SOC-SCO 2019 meeting prior to February 20, 2019. This will be before the opening of the management system for submitting contributed papers.

Authors who have committed to participate in the symposium should submit their proposed abstracts from February 20, 2019 in the general abstract submission module on the meeting website, under the symposium name at After the closure of abstract submission, all abstracts whether associated to symposium or not will be evaluated separately to his own merits. If an accepted symposium subsequently loses participants, maintaining acceptance will become contingent upon the symposium organizer developing satisfactory alternatives to maintain the quality and coherence of the session. Symposium will be open to additional papers upon approval from the symposium chair and time availability in the program.

Proposals for symposia or all questions about symposium submission should be submitted to the scientific program organisers:

Louis Imbeau, at

Marc Bélisle, at

Important Dates

Deadline for symposium proposals
January 8, 2019

Call for papers 
February 20, 2019 

Registration starts
February 21, 2019 

Abstract submission deadline
May 5, 2019 

Paper acceptance notice
May 27, 2019 

Early bird and presenting author registration deadline
June 17, 2019

August 27-30, 2019